Here’s 45 Seconds of a Dog Farting Because We Are Immature and Find this Hilarious

Even dogs enjoy farting.

Dogs are pretty great, and it’s pretty obvious that they are way better than humans. But while some dogs can be funny – like this dog who found a set of false teeth and wore them – other dogs just want to live the good life and fart their worries away. Which is exactly what Billy Howard’s dog enjoys doing.

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Now, perhaps this dog was feeling sick and had a crummy stomach, or perhaps he just doesn’t give a damn anymore and has no shame, but whatever the case may be, Howard’s dog had no problem farting for 45 seconds while Howard filmed.

This dude’s dog just lets them go without hesitation, and he pretty much does a perfect impression of what we will be like in the senior home.

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Check out the video below, thanks to Howard’s Twitter.

We just hope the dog isn’t sick, and that he just enjoys farting. Because who the hell doesn’t enjoy farting?