10 Helpful Tips For Potty Training Your Pooch!


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Puppies are entertaining, fascinating and – of course – adorable. However, there is absolutely nothing cute about mishaps on the carpet. House-breaking your puppy doesn’t need to make you pull all your hair out though! Use these 10 easy tricks to glide through toilet training your beloved doggo!


1. Crate it

Puppies naturally dislike to soil their “dens.” Make use of a crate that is big enough for the dog to turn around in. Make sure he isn’t enclosed for longer than 2 hours without taking him outside.

2. Dog’s best friend

If you think you can’t exercise your pet on a regular basis, check with a family member, a friend or even a dog walker to get it done for you.

3. Set up the clock

Put your doggo on toilet schedule. Pups have to go the the bathroom every 2 hours. Look for signs that he needs to go out: circling, standing around the door, pawing and also sniffing.

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4. Dine and dash

Pups also normally have to go once they eat. So 10 or 15 minutes after your dog eats, take him outside the house. Set your puppy on a routine so that he understands what is expected of him.

5. Easy will do it

Make an easy command, like “potty” or “outside”, that your doggo can easily relate to going to the bathroom. Basic commands develop excellent communication between you and your doggo.

6. Stay consistent

As soon as you set up your schedule, stay consistent. Bring your puppy out the same door each and every time. Getting out of schedule could cause mishaps and misunderstandings for your dog.


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7. Go with the flow

Your pup will likely have accidents. Don’t be blown away if you discover a couple of “presents,” but don’t reprimand your dog for old mishaps. Unless you catch your dog in the process, he won’t understand why you are disappointed with him. Tidy up the clutter with an odor cleaner to avoid repetition of the “violations.”

8. Remain in control

Should you catch your dog in the act, please don’t hit him with a rolled newspaper or rub his nose in it. Just please don’t hit him. Reprimand him with a simple hard “No,” and bring him outside until he is done doing his business.

9. Good dog

When the dog goes to the bathroom when and exactly where he is meant to, encourage him enthusiastically. It’s the easiest way to guarantee good conduct later on.

10. Patience

Most important of all, have patience with your dog. It will take a little while for him to be totally trained and completely house friendly.

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