10 Funniest Dog Breeds In The World!

Chances are that you’ve met a hilarious dog before – you know, one of those dogs who has figured out how to make people laugh, and gets just as much pleasure from your mirth as your belly rubs. Dogs are generally just terribly cute, but some dogs have big personalities and definitely know how to demonstrate them to the best advantage. Other dogs are just naturally energetic and happy, and that will make any dog lover happy in turn.

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And then there are dogs who are just down-right funny-looking, and that’s perfectly cute too!

Listed here are the 10 most hilarious dog breeds around the globe:

1. Xoloitzcuintli


This Mexican bald breed isn’t just a bizarre looking pup – it is also very rare! These adorable puppies have been regarded as almost holy by the Aztecs, Toltecs and Mayans, and were considered to possess healing qualities. This breed is absolutely funny, but it’s even more amusing when folks try to pronounce the breed’s name!

2. Neapolitan Mastiff


There’s something amusing about a dog who is the size of a moose, but behaves like it is the size of a little puppy. This dog, with enormous wrinkles that sag adorably, just isn’t aware of its size. There is absolutely nothing more amusing than seeing a massive dog hopping into someone’s small lap!

3. Bergamasco


The Bergamasco Shepherd is a sheepdog with an unusual tangled coat. Some like to refer to this dog as “the dog with dreadlocks,” but don’t let the coat frighten you – they’re an excellent breed! Just wait til you see one of these amazing dogs running. It will crack you up!

4. Chinese Crested


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You’ve most likely seen several head-turning Chinese Cresteds in the infamous “Ugly Dog” competitions that are held each year. Many of these dogs sport mohawks, while others just like to let their heads of hair flow. This little, hairy, bizarre looking dog is renowned for getting people to break into uproarious fits of hilarity!

5. Puli


More well-known as the dog that resembles a mop, the Puli is a Hungarian herder whose tight curls make it practically water-resistant. Puli are swift, nimble, headstrong and very faithful animals, but we just can’t overlook that they are really funny-looking!

6. Brussels Griffon


Because of their adorably fuzzy beards, these toy puppies may actually have influenced the visualization of the Grinch, while some others insist that the dog looks a lot more like a little monkey. This dog is lovely and amusing all at once, and its not surprising that we really like them!

7. Dandie Dinmont Terrier


What goes on when you’ve got a small dog who has extremely short legs and an adorable little puff of hair on the top of its head? You have a very funny looking doggo, that’s what. Lovely, warm, friendly, and outgoing, but that little puff of hair never ceases to make us laugh!

8. Dachshund


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Dachshund, also widely known as the “Wiener Dog,” is a long-bodied, short-legged dog with flappy ears and a bent tail. The dachshund is among America’s most favored pets and, truthfully, how could you not have a good laugh whenever you see a costume like that?

9. Bedlington Terrier


Is it a sheep? Is it a dog? Could it be a Poodle? These are only a number of the questions that fans of this breed wind up asking as they look at their dog. The Bedlington Terrier is actually very clever, adorable, laid back, and their woolly look brings a little bit of pizzazz to the whole thing!

10. Bull Terrier


Their most beautiful, unique feature is that egg-shaped head, which happens to be nearly flat on top but progressively slopes right down to the end of a remarkable nose. Bull Terriers are renowned for their clown-characters and interesting looks!

Get out there and get yourself and your family a new funny and fuzzy buddy today! But remember, ADOPT, don’t shop!